Client Testimonials

Here are comments from some of our clients, people who came to us in situations much like yours.  We helped them get their lives back. 

About the assessment: 
“I feel like you treated me like a human being and not a statistic.”

"I did not know what to expect, but you were very informative and knew what you were doing."
“You told me exactly what you were looking for when you asked me questions about my experience. That was refreshing and I felt you were working with me.”
"Thanks for making this experience more bearable."
 “If this ever happens to someone I know, I will definitely send them to CosTran.”

"You did not assume anything; you just listened to me and got to know me."

 About our classes:
“The class I took with you gave me information that allowed me to have options.”
“You really delivered and I did reclaim some things I thought I had lost.”
“I like it that you did not force your beliefs on me or try to make me into to something I am not.”
“The place I went before CosTran had us just sit and talk about world events, but your company actually gave me something I can use in my everyday life.”
“I was suspicious at first, but I ended up getting a lot out of the class and am glad I took it now because I can help my children know what to expect.”