If this ever happens to someone I know I will definitely send them to CosTran.

The class I took with you gave me information that allowed me to have options.

I have a new outlook that I didn’t have before I came here.

Thank you. I feel things are going to be better now.

You did not assume anything; you just listened to me and got to know me.

I now have a new peace inside.


Whether you need help because of a legal issue, want help because you are tired of being where you are, or desire help for a loved one, CosTran can help you.

At CosTran, we specialize in working with you on behavior that has caused you problems. We can assist you in preparing for court or fulfilling a court order when it pertains to getting an assessment or for any alcohol or drug related offense. Also, we provide alcohol and drug education/prevention classes, DWI Classes, and Anger Management Classes.

We have assisted thousands of our clients through this process. Please let us assist you.

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