Alcohol/Drug Assessment

With an assessment, most people fit into one of two concerns. The first is "legal-concern," which is when a person is addressing a legal problem. The second is "personal-concern," which is when a person is trying to determine if he/she has a drinking problem or they are tired of dealing with unwanted behavior and want help. Of course, a person can be motivated by both concerns.

Those with a "legal-concern" must provide us with specific paperwork associated with the case at the time of assessment. If you not sure what to bring, call us or just bring any paperwork you were given.

An assessment lasts approximately one to one and a half hours (1-1.5 hours). That time is for filling in a questionnaire and talking with a counselor. You will receive a written recommendation at the end of that time to take with you. In addition, we can fax over a copy to your attorney or probation officer.

Our decision will be based on many things, but mainly on the conversation you and one of our counselors have during the assessment. You will be included in the decision-making process; after all, it's your life.  Also, we will look at your situation compared to the information found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel IV (DSM IV) and the NC DWI Division's rules.