Alcohol Treatment

What you will be doing....We have short-term and long-term* out patient programs on the weekends and week days.

Each person is unique when it comes to his or her alcohol and drug choices, just as it's true that some people are at higher risk for problems than others. These programs are for people who, to some degree, have a problem with alcohol or drugs and are NOT experiencing medical withdrawal. Also, these programs meet the needs of those with a DWI-related charge who have been recommended for a short-term or long-term program*. 

Sometimes when a person thinks of treatment, they think it's about a counselor trying to make them change. Some people might have even promised themselves they will change one day, but no one wants to be made to change. However, we believe in order to get something out of your experience with us, we must let you be your true self. Only then can you discover what you really want, clarify your goals, and reclaim what you have lost. Only then can we help facilitate that process.

What you will be doing...

The group work involves you mapping out where they have been, where you are now, where they want to go and how to get there. You will be with others who have experienced a similar situation as you have experienced.

* A short-term program is a of 20 hour program, and a long-term program is a 40 hour. Participants can take longer if desired and can customize their schedule to fit their lives.